• Bennington County Child Care Association is a membership-supported organization of people committed to supporting affordable, quality early childhood care and education service in Bennington County and throughout the nation.

  • BCCCA provides support and educational opportunities for licensed and registered child care providers, recruitment of new providers, and offers a range of consultation, educational, and resource and referral services to parents and businesses throughout the county.

  • BCCCA works in partnership with its membership, community leaders, employers and employees, and parents to achieve its goals.

  • Funding for services is derived from a variety of sources including: state and federal grants, membership dues, fees and contributions, and contracts with private organizations and employers to provide education, technical assistance, and resource and referral.

  • BCCCA is a member of VACCRRA, and is part of a state-wide network of resource and referral agencies.

  • BCCCA is not a licensing service. It does not license, register, endorse, or recommend any particular provider or facility. Parents are responsible for choosing their child's care. Visits to facilities and homes, discussion with prospective providers, and reference checks are strongly recommended. BCCCA can help equip parents by providing information and tools parents can utilize to choose the provider best suited to meet their and their child's unique needs.

It's about doing it right and keeping kids safe ...

Contact the Support Services Coordinator Lori Pinsonneault at (802) 447-6938 or via email at lorip@sunrisepcc.com, if you have a complaint or concern about any service offered by the BCCCA staff.

BCCCA staff are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. We are also required to report any information they receive regarding a child care program's violation of any licensing regulations.

All information is confidential.

Bennington County Child Care Association Staff Directory

Lori Pinsonneault
BCCCA Community Child Care Support Services Coordinator
Lori supervises and assists with the work of the Bennington County Child Care Services within Sunrise Family Resource Center.
     lorip@sunrisepcc.com     —     (802) 447-6936

Terry Yavaniski

CIS Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
BCCCA Resource Development Support

Terry works with families of young children and early care and education providers who have children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.  She also offers professional development support in the work of Resource Development and conducts family support visits.
     tyavaniski@sunrisepcc.com     —     (802) 447-6486

Ashley Paquin

BCCCA Child Care Financial Assistance Specialist
Ashley manages Child Care Financial Assistance for Bennington County families in the following categories:  Employment, Self-Employment, Seeking Employment, Training, Education, Reach Up and Parent with Special Health Needs.
     ashleyp@sunrisepcc.com     —     (802) 447-6937

Lori Yunger

CIS Child Care Coordinator

lyunger@sunrisepcc.com     —    (802) 442-6936, ext. 159

All BCCCA staff members provide assistance to those seeking community resources, which may include:  homeless shelters, food, clothing, fuel assistance, etc.

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